Here’s what people are saying about Adoption Support Services of Florida Inc.

family“Your quick service and professionalism during the home study process enabled us to make our dreams come true. After being disappointed so many times while trying to grow our family, YOU gave us our start. We can never repay you!”~ Brian and Amanda

“When times got tough and we didn’t know how to continue with our adoption process, you held our hand the entire way. It was so comforting to know that there was someone who had our best interest in mind.” ~ Kevin and Samantha

“Even when I decided to switch adoption agencies for my adoption, Adoption Support Services made the transition seamless and immediately began working with my new agency. I am so thankful I did not use my first adoption agency for both the adoption AND the home study. The transition would have been much more difficult and awkward.”~ Kathleen

baby2“You are the queen of prompt service! Thank you for returning my phone calls and e-mails so quickly. I don’t think I ever waited more than 30 minutes for a response. It showed me that you genuinely cared about making our home study process pleasant and your personal interest in our particular situation made us feel like we were your only clients. Thanks again for all you did for us! We look forward to telling our son the story of how you helped bring him into our family.” ~ Glenn and Tonya

“The first time I spoke to you over the phone, I told you that I already had an approved home study (which I paid more for by the way). You seemed truly interested in just helping me decide on an adoption route and spent over an hour, at no cost, providing me with information and referrals. I was so impressed with your obvious passion for her work that I hired you to do my post placement visits instead of my original social worker.” ~ Suzanne

“Little Danny just turned 9 years old but it still seems like just yesterday that you were doing our post placement visits! I wanted you to know that the personal education we received from you when you came to our home was invaluable! With your supportive words and helpful attitude, you made our transition into parenthood easy! Thank you for taking so much time to answer our questions. You really know your stuff!!!” ~ Daniel and Kym

“Adoption Support Service of Florida has completed the home study for 3 of our adoptions. We have worked with other home study agencies and honestly feel that this agency is the best in Florida. Their ethics are above reproach. They have an honest interest in helping their families. Their years of experience are obvious. Their turn around time on paperwork is fast and efficient and last but not least, they are just really nice people.” ~ Dale and Carolyn