about us

 loriWho We Are:

Lori Fraas, Executive Director, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who will personally conduct your home study.  With over 1,500 home studies completed, Lori is an expert in domestic and international home studies and an active member of the Florida Adoption Council.  She is a sought after speaker for online adoption seminars, Social Work training courses, RESOLVE infertility support groups and adoption conferences.

Our beginning:

While working for adoption agencies, Lori recognized that families who hired the agency only for the home study were not getting the personal attention they desired.  Lori set out to give families the prompt, personal, professional service only a Licensed Clinical Social Worker could provide by doing the home studies independently. Families were thrilled and Lori’s practice grew along with her expertise as a home study provider.  

quality service at reasonable rates

As adoption laws changed, some circumstances required that the home study be completed by a licensed child placing agency rather than an independent Social Worker.  To ensure that her client families would continue to receive exceptional service BY an agency, Lori founded Adoption Support Services of Florida Inc., a child-placing agency licensed by the State of Florida to assist adoptive parents with the home study process.  

Our purpose:

Lori understands that personal service is what adoptive parents seek and therefore offers free phone consultations to help parents explore their adoption options. Lori believes that children are a gift from God whether they come into your family through birth or through adoption. She considers it a privilege to be a part of what is one of the most significant events in life and it is her passion to help adoptive parents bring children into their homes.