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family2Post Placement Services

After you have brought your child home, the foreign country, agency, or family adoption attorney you are working with will require additional follow-up reports. These Post Placement Reports will contain information relevant to the general well being, health, and education of the adopted child. The number of required post placement visits varies with different governments and agencies. Post Placement visits take place in your home. These are friendly, informal visits which enable the social worker to assess the child’s and parent’s adjustments.

Adoption Counseling and Referral

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Families who are just beginning the adoption process are faced with a confusing array of adoption resources. Choices must be made between domestic and international adoption, between independent placement and agency adoption, not to mention the decisions about the age, race, culture, and health of the child you feel comfortable adopting. All adoptive parents have a picture in their mind of their child. Adoption Support Services of Florida is here to help you with all those decisions.

Assistance with meeting Florida’s pre-adoption requirements

Each kind of adoption has its own specific requirements. We are here to help you meet those requirements so your adoption process can move along smoothly.

Birthmother Interviews & Counseling

As a service to agencies, Adoption Support Services of Florida will complete the birth parent interview and also ongoing counseling with the birth parent if requested.  Agencies and Attorneys are encouraged to contact us for more information on these services.