why choose us?

mom_girlExperience and Focus:

Since 1996, we have personally completed home studies for over 1,500 families.  Many agencies use a rotation of unlicensed caseworkers to complete the home studies and one with less knowledge or experience may be assigned to you!  With Adoption Support Services of Florida, it is guaranteed that Christen will be working with you to complete your home study process.

Infant Adoption Guide interviewed Lori Fraas to learn more about the Home Study Process.  Click here to listen to what she had to say.

Dual Licenses:

Not only is Adoption Support Services a licensed child-placing agency but  Christen is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Some adoption circumstances require that a home study be completed by a licensed child-placing agency and some require a home study by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  This dual licensure means that you can rest easy.  You are covered even if your adoption circumstances change!

Efficiency and Speed:

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We have streamlined the process to make it easier for you!  We begin whenever you say “go,” even if it is the same day you contacted us. You will be the driving force behind the completion of your home study because you will not have to wait on us.  Our process enables most families to get their paperwork submitted within two to four weeks allowing the home study to be completed in a timely manner.  Expedited home study services are also offered when needed and most are completed within hours after we receive all of the paperwork. There are even some task oriented families who have received an approved homestudy within a week after starting the process. That could be you too!

Personal Service and Reasonable Costs:

Christen has always had a very personal commitment to help families in whatever way she can.  It is her hope and prayer that all of the families they work with will experience the love and excitement of being adoptive parents. She gets to witness this all the time!  She will answer your phone calls and e-mails at any time. She will travel throughout Florida to complete your home visit and they will review the written homestudy with you and welcome your input!  She will also complete your post placement visits and look forward to meeting your child! Prices for home study services are kept at the most reasonable rate and there are no travel expenses, no application fees, and no hidden costs.  Please call us so we can personally answer any additional questions you may have.